Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes

I was at the Piedmont Old Time Society jam last week talking to friends, making sure they knew about my party.  Because as some people forget, Facebook invites are only good if the intended guests are on Facebook.  I explained to my one friend that while I love having my friends over for a good time, the real reason I have my party is to make me finish my projects.  She laughed and said, “Alan and I do that when we need to make ourselves clean the house.”

We laughed, and I don’t feel so bad about admitting it now.  I’m applying a lot of pressure to getting things done because my friends will be here, and what better motivation to get my stuff done than an audience.  And I also want them to not die from falling through a hole in the floor.

While the sunroom is taking the lion’s share of my budget, my personal effort has been going into tidying up smaller things.  The first image on this post is my new porch light.  It matches the porch sidelights I installed last year.  It makes me realize how screwed up the English language is, because “sidelights” is one word.  I’ve also started my grocery list, assigning rooms for my guests who are coming from out of town, making sure the keg of beer I made for the party is ready, and making sure there are adequate chairs for the old time jam.  The first year I threw the party my concern was making sure the heat worked, and most rooms had working lights.  How things change, and yet stay the same.

But as I said, most of the budget and mental energy is going into the sunroom (also one word).


I found a vinyl flooring remnant at Lowe’s this weekend that is exactly what I wanted for the sunroom floor, and 50% off.  Booyah.  My handyman asked if we could bring it inside to stay warm overnight.  That way it would relax and lay flat when he installs it tomorrow.  That meant moving the radiator outside.  For those who hadn’t already guessed, radiators are heavy.


I’ve been running into stumbling blocks with that room for all of the three years I’ve lived here.  So it’s more than a little exciting that it will be done tomorrow.  But it’s also exhausting, because “done tomorrow” ignores the fact that the radiator won’t get hooked up for another week or so.  Whatever, it’ll get done.

For those who come to my party, or anyone who chooses to visit: this is for you.

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