The Symphony of Sammi and Gertrude

Sammi snores.  Loudly.  Usually when I’m on the phone.  But she’s adorable, so it’s just become part of the fabric that is life at Castle Danchester.

Gertrude is still rumbling and rattling the house.  For those not into click links, Gertrude is my boiler.  I’ve installed heat pumps over the last couple years to do the bulk of the heating, but on cold nights, Gertrude wakes up and reminds me of her presence.  I say “wakes up” because it truly feels like some enormous beast is shaking off a long slumber and plodding out to meet the world.

Some folks might find that sort of analogy, or that kind of sound, to be discomforting.  But for me, it’s very comforting.  Each year, she wakes up reliably and without fuss, and makes her presence known.  As I get more of the house fixed and opened up, I turn on more radiators, and she lengthens her stride a little bit more.

On a night a few weeks back, temperatures plunged, and right on cue Gertrude woke to her job.  Sammi snored contentedly in her crate as the house thumped and hissed, and all was right with the world.

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