Party IV

Party IV

My annual party gives me an opportunity to “finish” my projects and show off a little*.  This year I’m excited to report I have a little more furniture of the grown-up variety, some wall art I’m proud of, a few less holes, and electrical outlets that shoot fewer sparks when provoked with use.

That being said, every project yields two more projects. My handyman Tony was finishing the drywall in my sun room, taking down the old plaster, when he discovered more termite damage. We formed a game plan, until I asked “What’s that wire? Is that still live?”

Keep in mind, we weren’t even supposed to have taken down that wall.  But that’s how these things happen.

I spent this morning tracing one live wire after another, with copper exposed, eventually finding a nest of wires jammed into the space between the sunroom and the interior closet.  I eventually found the right breakers to turn it all off, and got to work removing it.  It will leave me with another dead outlet until I rewire the first floor (perhaps you’ll see it at the party next year!)

Despite the never-ending nature of these projects, I’m actually excited about closure, even in small degrees.  The sun room may have opened several other projects, but it will be open and usable for the first time in years, maybe even decades.  Cutting out bad electrical may leave me with a few dead outlets, but it makes the next steps of wiring it all in correctly easier, and more near-term.  The termite damage may cost me time and money, but now I know it’s been taken care of.

So my party is in a few weeks.  Things won’t be finished, but progress will have been made.  Come celebrate the little things with me.

* The word “finish” is in quotes because let’s be honest: nothing in this house will ever be complete.  It will only be nudged in some direction on the spectrum between structure and rubble.

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