One Less Way to Die

It recently occurred to me that many of my house projects are framed around the idea that, “If I don’t fix this, someone might get hurt.”  I suppose that’s one of the joys of a fixer-upper.

I posted some photos to Facebook a few weeks back about my sun room floor:


The floor had been eaten by termites.  It used to be a kitchen back in the halcyon days of my castle being a rental property.  Five kitchens and six bathrooms, and none of them saw anything like care or maintenance for a long time.

So it should come as no surprise that things leaked, bugs got in and found a ready source of water and food, and no one seemed to notice.

That is until the floor started to cave in.  For reference, the sun room is on the east (right) side:



The boards that hold up a floor are called joists.  They are important.  They hook into a bigger board called a sill plate.  It is very important.  Apparently, tasty as well, if you happen to be  a termite.


My stalwart carpenter/handyman Tony oversaw some demolition, as well as the replacement of the sill plate.  Demolition sounds fun, until you watch people do it to your own house.



I helped a bit.  I removed random live electrical wires.  Because it got cut into so many apartments, and then back again, wiring ran all over the place.  Plumbing too.  I made it my job to keep my guys from dying.  See a pattern here?

The previous home owner had attempted some repairs, most of which just made the problem worse.  So what started off as a big project, got bigger.


It turned out there wasn’t much supporting most of the east side of the room.  The stud (board) walls were either eaten up, or hanging from the window sill.  We replaced those.

Then we replaced everything up to above head level, because it wasn’t attached to anything either.  Finally, I installed a vapor barrier where the damage had been, and started stuffing insulation.


Of course it wasn’t as simple as that, but the progress is pretty damn clear.  I’m hoping to have drywall up by the time my Springtime party rolls around.

And then I won’t have to warn my guests they could die if they go in that room.

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