Jack of All Trades

Home Repair

I grew up swinging a hammer.  It’s translated into a lifelong love of tackling projects.  My most ambitious project is my own home, a giant 1929 estate that was at one point cut into apartments.  When I got to it there was no plumbing or electrical, and it was raining in the kitchen.

JavaScript Enthusiast

I’m not bashful about how cool JavaScript has become in recent years.  I’m an Angular junkie, a Node evangelist, and an Open Source nut.


My friends call me “Doctor Tuba.”  I’ve played with groups all over the country, and held teaching positions at numerous colleges.  Put me on the stage or on the podium and let me go.


I took up making pots in grad school and never looked back.  Almost all my dishes are hand made stoneware: it makes me feel a little bit like a hobbit.

I’m building a pottery studio in my basement- my goal is to fire the kiln by the end of this summer.

Master of the Ones that Are Really Cool