A Year of Sammi

A Year of Sammi

Yesterday morning my dog threw up on my sandal-shod foot while I was on a client phone call.  It reminded me that we’ve had an entire year together.


I adopted her from Project Pearl, who re-homes dogs through the county animal control.  I recommend adopting a rescue pet.  She was so thrilled to be just about anywhere.


Road trips? Check.  Lazing on the rug? Check.  Sitting on the couch when she thinks I’m not paying attention? Check.


But she’s really affectionate, only slightly smelly, and TOTALLY ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT FOOD.  And cuddles.



As it happens, she’s also about three years old, so we’ll consider it her birthday.  I’m going to get her some treats and let her run around the lawn.

Speaking of lawn, those of you who follow my blog or facebook know that I recently got a new fence.


I let her out the back door without a leash for the first time ever, and she did exactly what she always does when she slips her leash: run like hell while looking back at me to make sure I’m chasing.  She made it halfway across the lawn before seeing the fence, stopped completely, and looked back at me like I’d played some terrible prank.  Then she rolled in the grass for a while.

Tough life.

So dear Sammi, Miss Fedorah Sandwich of Castle Danchester, happy 3rd birthday, happy one year anniversary, and here’s to many more years of looking like no one ever does nice things for you.


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