Programming, Problem Solving, and Nerdishness

Your Friendly Neighborhood Programmer

I like solving problems.  Code is one way to do it; it’s a powerful thing, but with great power comes great responsibility.

The most important tool in a programmer’s tool box is the ability to listen.


I’m an evangelist about Node.js, Angular.js, Gulp, D3, and many more.

But before we get hung up on tools, let’s talk about why JavaScript solves problems in a compelling way:

  1. It runs everywhere.
  2. It’s great for user-driven software, which is most software.
  3. It’s 20 years old, so it’s got an established track record.
  4. And yet, we’re still learning new ways to use it.


Microsoft’s .Net platform and C# language have grown into a powerhouse of functionality, performance, and community-driven development.  I’ve implemented solutions for organizations of all sizes- enterprise to public sector.  Combined with SQL Server database, it’s one of my favorite development platforms.

CMS Systems

Content Management Systems make up the bulk of web publishing these days.  Some offer simple user interfaces, while others focus on scalability, or modern feature sets.  Wordpress is one of my favorite options for single users and small businesses.  I’ve also done work with Sitecore, Orchard, and Drupal for the enterprise.


Bullet List

Recruiters like bullet lists of skills over prosaic descriptions, so here goes:


  1. JavaScript, Angular.js, jQuery
  2. HTML5, CSS3
  3. VB.Net, C#
  4. Visual Studio 6 – 2013
  5. MS SQL Server, MySQL
  6. NoSQL databases- RethinkDB, Mongo
  7. Node.js, NPM, Bower, Gulp.js
  9. MVC, REST, WebAPI
  10. Photoshop
  11. CMS, Sitecore, WordPress
  12. Mercurial, Git, Subversion
  13. Agile, Scrum